On the first day of school I walked into my TV production class and it went well, until Mr. Fagioli said “This class will change the way you watch movies and shows”, and I in my head laughed. Like seriously who was really going to pay attention to the way the camera angle was shot, or if the scene looked legit. I honestly thought that’s not even possible, until the day came where I sat down to watch a movie, and out loud I said ‘That’s a great over the shoulder shot’. It then hit me, my TV production class started to wear off on me I am actually critiquing a movie. So my first reaction was I have got to tell Justine. So I pulled out my phone and sent her a message that stated “I can’t believe Mr. Fagioli was right! I actually pay attention to the camera angle!?!” .I now, no matter what I am watching, will find something interesting to view such as a camera angle. TV production has positively changed my viewing of film.


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