Since I've been taking Tv production class, my work in here has changed the way I watch a film, television, and videos. I can really say this class made me want to take it to then next level. I want to study this when I go to college. I like being in cameras and out. I like acting with my dawg Marc because were both alike when it comes down to ideas. We're mainly brothers when it comes down to acting, and  editing. I love this class so much, I be in 1st period wishing the time go fast cause i want to act. Being in this class really helped me out of want i wanna do in life, i want to become an actor/director. Thats my goal! SEDRIC & MARC PRODUCTION!!!!

- Sedric
For our next video assignment I really hope to improve many things. Some of those things include creating a better flow from shot to shot, making sure the audience has a good understanding of what your advertising, and making sure the acting in the video is something that can really happen in real life. For the flowing of the video I would really make sure that the shots are not choppy or accidentally putting in the same scene to later find out you had already put it in the video. For the audience understanding I feel that what your doing in the video has to go with what your advertising. For example let’s say you’re selling Nutella, you can’t have teens driving in a car eating McDonalds. Also for the real life acting, your actors need to know exactly what your plan is for the video. If not it can cause many miscommunication and you don’t get exactly what you wanted. For instance, if you would like to advertise no drinking and driving and someone get hit by a car, your actors cannot be smiling or giggling because that makes the whole seen completely unreal. That is what I will focus and improve in our next video


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