Taking TV Production has change my view of film today. Now as I watch a film I notice the angles of each shot. The editing also stand out a lot to me. Random stuff sticks out to me, I now judge the filmmakers and point out stuff they could have made better. Personally I don't have an interest in film or editing, but taking this class is helping to understand film better. Stuff that never came through my mind while watching a film , now i can point them out easily. Film-making is hard work so I truly respect the filmmakers, because they put in hard work to make a story flow through images.

Bad Editing could ruin  a story easily and cost a lot. So I notice that filmmaker had to spend a lot of time editing each scene a make it presentable. Film-making and editing is an important job in the film industry.

I now understand that actors and actress are not the stars of a movie. The people that works behind the scene are the true stars of each film. The editors are the ones that spend most of their time after shooting to make sure the story flows right on screen.
5/14/2013 02:03:02 am

It's funny how gaining knowledge causes you to never look at things the same way. The ignorant person who never learns what you have will never understand what you see and how it is that you see it.


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