Since I've been taking Tv production class, my work in here has changed the way I watch a film, television, and videos. I can really say this class made me want to take it to then next level. I want to study this when I go to college. I like being in cameras and out. I like acting with my dawg Marc because were both alike when it comes down to ideas. We're mainly brothers when it comes down to acting, and  editing. I love this class so much, I be in 1st period wishing the time go fast cause i want to act. Being in this class really helped me out of want i wanna do in life, i want to become an actor/director. Thats my goal! SEDRIC & MARC PRODUCTION!!!!

- Sedric
For our next video assignment I really hope to improve many things. Some of those things include creating a better flow from shot to shot, making sure the audience has a good understanding of what your advertising, and making sure the acting in the video is something that can really happen in real life. For the flowing of the video I would really make sure that the shots are not choppy or accidentally putting in the same scene to later find out you had already put it in the video. For the audience understanding I feel that what your doing in the video has to go with what your advertising. For example let’s say you’re selling Nutella, you can’t have teens driving in a car eating McDonalds. Also for the real life acting, your actors need to know exactly what your plan is for the video. If not it can cause many miscommunication and you don’t get exactly what you wanted. For instance, if you would like to advertise no drinking and driving and someone get hit by a car, your actors cannot be smiling or giggling because that makes the whole seen completely unreal. That is what I will focus and improve in our next video

Taking TV Production has change my view of film today. Now as I watch a film I notice the angles of each shot. The editing also stand out a lot to me. Random stuff sticks out to me, I now judge the filmmakers and point out stuff they could have made better. Personally I don't have an interest in film or editing, but taking this class is helping to understand film better. Stuff that never came through my mind while watching a film , now i can point them out easily. Film-making is hard work so I truly respect the filmmakers, because they put in hard work to make a story flow through images.

Bad Editing could ruin  a story easily and cost a lot. So I notice that filmmaker had to spend a lot of time editing each scene a make it presentable. Film-making and editing is an important job in the film industry.

I now understand that actors and actress are not the stars of a movie. The people that works behind the scene are the true stars of each film. The editors are the ones that spend most of their time after shooting to make sure the story flows right on screen.
TV Production class has changed the way I watch films, TV, and commercials in many ways. Now when I am watching action scenes I think of how they used cut-on-action. I also think about the 180 degree rule. Sometimes I think of ways that they could have edited it better to make the audience understand it more. I also think about all the angles that they used and how the angles affected the way the audience felt. Another thing that I think about is the music they used and the way it made you feel as you watched it. I now have a better understanding of how much time and effort it takes to make a good film.

Being in tv production has definitely changed the way I view media and television. Before taking this class, I never realized all of the different camera angles, sound effects, lighting etc put into a film. Now, while watching a movie or show, I can point out the film angles by name and realize the point of that certain angle. I also have started to may more attention to the sound effects and music that filmmakers use. They all have a certain part and purpose that make the film successful. I think taking this class causes you to appreciate the effort put into films because until now, I never put into thought how difficult time consuming films could be. Tv production has changed the way I view films and tv shows forever.

I enjoy learning all the different angles in movies or TV shows I watch. When I watch TV, I find myself thinking about all the angles we learned in class. I can distribute between a high angle to a low angle shot. One of my favorite projects in TV production class is making commercials. We have a great perspective of how filmmakers work. Some of my groups commericals aren't the greatest but we enjoy making these commercials and in time we improve. Our recent commercial, in my opinion, was one of my favorites. It caught our viewers attention which was the main point. Also, it brought out great emotion and we really grasped the concept of the project. In the beginning, the commercial projects were difficult because we needed to get our commerical time exactly at 30 seconds or our scenes were cut off. In the end its part of the learning experience and eventually we will be able to wow our viewers even more.

On the first day of school I walked into my TV production class and it went well, until Mr. Fagioli said “This class will change the way you watch movies and shows”, and I in my head laughed. Like seriously who was really going to pay attention to the way the camera angle was shot, or if the scene looked legit. I honestly thought that’s not even possible, until the day came where I sat down to watch a movie, and out loud I said ‘That’s a great over the shoulder shot’. It then hit me, my TV production class started to wear off on me I am actually critiquing a movie. So my first reaction was I have got to tell Justine. So I pulled out my phone and sent her a message that stated “I can’t believe Mr. Fagioli was right! I actually pay attention to the camera angle!?!” .I now, no matter what I am watching, will find something interesting to view such as a camera angle. TV production has positively changed my viewing of film.


Ever since I have been in TV Production class, it changed the way I watched film. The camera angles, the lighting, and editing all catch my eye. If I see or hear something that grabs my attention, I analyze and think back on how they did that and how I can improve on commercials and projects in the future. Before TV Production, I would just sit back and watch TV without paying attention to any of the camera work. I’ve realized that if I’m watching a movie that’s boring, I should not only focus on the main plot and action, but other special effects that other people usually wouldn’t focus on. Being in TV Production class really changed my point of view while watching film in a good way.

I definitely have a greater appreciation for all of the work that goes into creating even the simplest short video. When I'm watching commericals on tv, I now notice the different camera angles and how each shot is pieced together. I definitely notice the smooth transitions between shots. Before we actually had to create our own videos, I never understood what it meant when people called a film "choppy". But after experimenting with transitions on our own projects, I absolutely know now what they mean when they say that. I also am really impressed with how audio is used to evoke emotions. When I'm watching movies I notice camera shots, I notice the sound, I notice the story line, I notice the transitions between shots, and a million other little aspects of film-making. It has deffinitely changed how I view anything on tv.

T.V production has changed the way I watch films, television, and videos. For example, since I started taking this class I began to notice camera angles such as long angles, short angles, and close-up angles. Also on how those angles affect the outcome of the film or video. For instance, how close-up angle is used when a person is talking and how over the shoulder helps the audience believe that they are part of the action. Editing is a very important part of the film-making process. Editing is all about choosing which shots work superlative, and creating a rhythm and pace that replicate the quality of the story. And after the editing has been done, then music is created to sync with the film that is created. Let's say, you want a film to make you believe that something is terrible then they will play a song that goes with the story.


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